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generation of levitating base

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Floating and Spinning like a real planet

3D Printed Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitation, How?

  • In 1820, Hans Christian Ørsted discovered that electric currents create magnetic fields.

  • 200 years later, we bring you the marvelous levitating planet lamp, which benefits from the discovery 200 years ago, magnetic force makes it floats 1 inch above the stationary base.

  • The electromagnetic effect enables the 3D printed planet not only afloat, but also illuminating.

Levitating Planet Lamp 7 inch and 5.5 inch comparison

Size Matters

  • For a fully levitating, spinning, illuminating and eye-catching master piece in your home or office, the larger it can be, the more astonishing it is.

  • You won't regret having a much larger levitating planet for a similar or even less price.

  • The photo shows the comparison between our 7 inch planet and other's 5.5 inch planet.

3D Printed Levitating Moon Lamp Detail

3D Printed

  • With the ever improving 3D printing technology, we are able to match the real geography of these planets.

  • it’s as close as you can get to having a real miniature planet in your living room.


  • Each lamp has 3 beautiful color settings: cool white, warm white, and warm yellow that are touch sensor controlled.

  • You’ll be able to customize your lamp to fit your preferences and create your perfect space.

Levitating Saturn Lamp 5

An Expression

  • Our lamps are designed to fit seamlessly into any room.

  • Our natural colored base and soft lighting is the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, office, childs room, or game room.

  • Neutral color schemes will never clash with your room's color palette or design.

The Essential

Levitating Tool in the Base

Patent Protected Design


Mike Kitchen
Mike Kitchen
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It was a gift, all of us absolutely loved it. The quality is very nice, and it works exactly as explained in the video. Nice 3D printing made. I was a bit sceptical about the quality and price at first, but it's a very well built item.Made of luxury wooden-look base and has a touch button sign,just touch it to turn on/off the moon light.Perfect decorative piece for my countertop. A little tricky to levitate the moon lamp for the first time , after try more times, you will get the point more easily.
J. Beatrice
J. Beatrice
Read More
Great product!! My 8 years old daughter is totally in love with this moon. She is using this as a night light in her room. I highly recommend this product. It's awesome! It's made of high quality material, it can be placed anywhere in the house as a decorative item.
Vicky Brownson
Vicky Brownson
Read More
I love the detail of this thing. At first i wouldn't get it to levitate, it just kept sticking to the base. Once i started to use my fingers to keep it off the base, i was able to do it a lot easier. The moon simply falls on to the base and sticks there magnetically when the electricity is out. I'd say it was worth the money and it would be a great thing to show guests.

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