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Buyer’s Guide of Levitating Moon Lamp


The Levitating Moon Lamp is becoming more and more popular. Some of you may have seen it on Facebook or Instagram. The photos are usually splendid, but viewers still have questions in mind, what is it? How does it levitate? To answer these questions, we recommend that you read our other blog, “Everything you need to know about Levitating Moon Lamp.”

Why is this buyer’s guide?

When the time is right, you may want a decoration in the bedroom, your office desk, or a gift to your beloved. If this is the case, you may give the Levitating Moon Lamp a thought. We spend a tremendous amount of time researching all the Levitating Moon Lamps on the internet. The result is this blog post. It will save you time on your decision.
There are roughly hundreds of sellers on the internet that sell similar lamps. Since there is no original design patent, anyone with some DIY capabilities and some machinery can make one. The product quality and features vary from store to store. We will measure some popular features and specifications. These measures will distinguish products from different merchants.

What do we compare?

The features and specifications we compare are colors of lights, switch methods, leveling aids, battery powering, the size of the lamp, and the variety of the globe.
The lamp usually illuminates in 3 colors, and some have 20 colors, enough to fill in your palette. The power switch on the base also controls the light switching, but if you have 20 colors, the lamp may provide remote control.

Levitating is a state that is usually unstable. Some people may get frustrated putting the globe into a levitating state. It’s not that easy to find a perfect balance for the first-time user. In that case, some merchants provide an auto-leveling base, to help users from frustration. For a true minimalist, a power cable is even unacceptable. Hence, a few merchants even have a battery in the base, so the whole thing can sit on any table without considering a power outlet.

As 3D printing material adapts, the size of the levitating planet becomes larger and larger yet maintains a lightweight. Some merchants have many planets to choose from, even plants. Anything can levitate.

We will use a chart to show each merchant’s features and specifications. Besides, we have listed their prices as of March 31, 2022. Their services, as they claim, are also included in this chart for you to compare. The prices are in US dollars. The shipping address is in the State of New York, United States of America. Here is the thing.

#Store namewebsite URLcolorsremote control?Easy-levitating?Battery operated?Size (Inch)Price (in USD, w/o shipping)ShippingReturn or Exchange
1Casona Livingcasonaliving.com2NoNoNo5.9$139.00Free (over $200), 20 daysOnly defect
2TGSthegrandspot.com2NoNoYes5.9$109.99Free, 15 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
3Mounteenmounteen.com1NoNoNo4$129.97Free, 18 daysNot accepted for on-sale items, customer pays shipping fees
4Crossumcrossum.com2NoNoNo5.9$154.99Free, 61 daysYes
5Royal Moon Lamproyalmoonlamp.com3NoNoYes5.5$127.99UnknownYes
6Get the Giftsgetthegifts.com3NoNoNo5.5$169.99Free, 30 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
7Home&Towerhomeandtower.com3NoNoNo5.5$262.55Free, 14 days20% restocking fee, and shipping fee
8Soulinksoulinkgoods.com3NoNoYes5.5$105.00UnknownNo details
9Ludvikenwww.ludviken.com3NoNoNo5.5$137,00UnknownNo details
10Big Treebigtree-sales.comUnknownNoNoNo5.5$109.99UnknownUnknown
11Techanovatechanova.us3NoNoNo5.5$174.95Free, 20 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
12Essential Shop Clubessentialshopclub.com3NoNoNo5.5$129.99Free, 18 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
13Shop PBSshop.pbs.org1NoNoNo5.5$199.95$19.99+, 11 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
14Inspire Upliftwww.inspireuplift.com2NoNoNo5.9$169.97Free, 17 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
15Levimoonlevimoon.com2NoNoYes7.87$359.00Free, 25 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
16Grommetwww.thegrommet.com3NoNoNo5.5$149.00$8.99, 14 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
17FLOATELYwww.floately.com3NoNoNo5.5$175.00Free, 45 daysMay charge 30% restocking fee
18Levinalevina.co3NoNoNo5.5$96.99Free, 3daysUnknown
19encalifewww.encalife.com3NoNoNo5.7$119.97Free, unknownUnknown
20Avant Bleuavantbleu.com3NoNoNo5.5$157.60Free, 45 daysUnknown
21Getty Museum Storeshop.getty.edu3NoNoNo5.25$195.00$8.95, unknownCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
22Lamp Depotmylampdepot.com3NoNoNo5.5$149.00Free, unknownUnknown
23It’s Floatingitsfloating.com3NoNoNo5.5$139.99Free, 14 daysUnknown
24universe lightuniverselight.co3NoNoNo5.5$149.00Free, 19 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
25uncommon goodswww.uncommongoods.com3NoNoNo5.5$190.00$10.95, 16 daysYes
26Sharper Imagewww.sharperimage.com3NoNoNo5.5$99.99$9.95, 11 daysYes
27Walmartwww.walmart.com1NoNoNo4.7$55.92Free, 15 daysYes
28The Original Moon Lampwww.theoriginalmoonlamp.com3NoNoYes5.5$149.99Free, 28 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
29Levitating Moonlevitatingmoon.com3NoNoNo7$184.99Free, 12 daysCustomer pays shipping and handling fees
30Levi Planetleviplanet.com16YesYesNo7149.95Free, 14 daysYes

A further thought on the review

Many of these online sellers aren’t serious about their products. You may find one seller advocates their moon lamp is 7 inches in diameter if you look. But, the fine print in the details section says the actual size is 5.5 inches. A few sellers exaggerate the popularity of their products. They display an incorrect number of visitors on their website.

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